We are delighted to announce and invite applications for the Bombay Technologist Undergraduate Research Program (BTUGRP) 2016-17.

Introduction to BTUGRP:

Our institute previously lacked the framework for an organized, official and widespread UG research ethic in tandem with academics. However, with BTUGRP, our institute has become one of the first in India in laying a foundation for a robust UG research system, in pace with other globally renowned universities.

In brief, this program aims to:

  • Offer talented undergraduates a coveted opportunity to directly apply their theoretical knowledge into practice via cutting-edge research.
  • Motivate students to explore research as an exciting career option. 
  • Provide a platform to students who wish to gain crucial research experience for graduate school.

Under the BTUGRP, students will be given a sought-after break to conduct research in the institute throughout the academic year, under the guidance of our faculty members, be it on free afternoons, weekends, short breaks or even during evenings. Thus, this program is highly specific and targets highly motivated students, willing to devote a considerable amount of time to research along with their academics.

 Rules & Regulations:

  • Candidates should not miss out on academic activities such as lectures and labs in pursuit of BTUGRP. Bombay Technologist won't be responsible for decrease in attendance of any candidate participating in BTUGRP.
  • Candidates who don't pursue their projects sincerely and abondon their projects in between shall be debarred from the program. His/her performance would be conveyed to all faculty of ICT to ensure that such candidates are not allowed to work under any faculty. 
  • A candidate cannot apply for two guides/projects simultaneously. 
  • Candidate having his/her own feasible research idea pertaining to the areas of research of any faculty will be preferred. 
  • The final decision of the concerned faculty will be final and binding to all. 

Additionally, it is to be informed that the candidate may have to perform literature surveys for a couple of weeks before beginning experimental work. Also, in the event that their faculty guide is busy or unavailable, the candidate may have to work under a senior PhD Scholar.

Candidates are strictly advised to refrain from applying if they are unable to adhere to these instructions.

Eligibility and Selection:

Currently, BTUGRP calls for applications from undergraduates in their Second and Third years’ of B.Chem.Engg./B.Tech./B.Pharm. Those who are working outside ICT for summer internship can also apply. Their selection will be solely decided by the concerned faculty.

The list of participating faculty members and their project topics is mentioned at the end of this page.

Candidates can select ONE faculty member from any discipline, irrespective of the applicant’s branch of study, under whom they want to conduct research.

(*Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply to research positions other than their academic fields of study as it promotes interdisciplinary Science)

Candidates have to fill out the BTUGRP application form, submit their CV and a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for applying to BTUGRP.

  • Students will be selected by faculty members themselves, on careful review of their CV and SOP. Additionally, an interview may also be taken.
  • Equal weightage is given to the CV and SOP meaning that lower academic credentials can be offset by a strong SOP. 
    Thus, we encourage participants having low CGPA to apply, as academic performance is not necessarily correlated to research output.

In case vacancies remain unfilled, an extra round of applications may be conducted. 


On successful completion of their research projects, candidates will have to summarize their findings in the form of a project report. In the event that their faculty guide wishes to publish the research in an international/national journal, the BT team will extend its full support to the candidate for technical writing, proof-reading and editing. If the guide wishes not to do so, candidates are free to get their research published in the Bombay Technologist, in the form of a research paper.

Applying for BTUGRP:

Interested students may apply for the BTUGRP by filling out the application form available here:

Download Application form for BTUGRP

Additionally they should also submit their CV (3 pages max.) and SOP (2 pages max.) electronically in PDF format. 

The filled application form, CV and SOP should be E-Mailed to:

Last date for applications: 11:59pm on 9th May 2016

Feel free to get your queries cleared by writing to us at or by getting in touch with the following BT Secretaries:

Sanyat Mapara
Mobile: 9422209236

Preshita Desai
Mobile: 9769273679

Department of Chemical Engineering:

Prof. S.S Bhagwat

Research Interests: Interfacial Science

Student Intake: Two


Dr. Ratnesh Jain

Research Interests: Biomaterials

Student Intake: One (Student must come up with a feasible research idea related to the research interest of the faculty)


Dr.  K.V. Marathe

Research Interests: Membrane Separation, MBR, Bio-electrochemical Membrane Separation

Student Intake: Two


Dr.  P.R. Nemade

Research Interests: Membrane Separations, Catalysis Advanced Materials, Biosensors.



Dr. V.K. Rathod

Research Interests:  Utilization of waste for valuable products, Biodiesel production and purification, Extraction of natural ingredients, Process Intensification using new technologies, Waste water Treatment, Enzymatic catalyst synthesis

Student Intake: Two (SY undergraduates), Two (TY undergraduates)


Prof.  Anand Patwardhan

Research Interests: Membrane Separations: Precious metal recovery; Treatment of Dyes, Pharma, Textile industries effluents; Development of ceramic membranes & applications

Student Intake: One

Department of Dyestuff Technology:

Prof. N. Sekar

Research Interests: Computational Colour chemistry (DFT and TD-DFT Based computations),

Synthesis of multistep Heterocyclic and Fused Heterocyclic compounds, Process development of Intermediates.



Dr.  Surajit Some

Research Interests: Graphene nanotechnology

Student Intake: Three


Dr.  Satyajit Saha

Research Interests:  Synthetic Organic Chemistry; Organo Catalysis; Enantioselective Reactions; Functional Materials

Student Intake: One

Department Of Fibres And Textile Processing Technology:

Prof. R.V. Adivarekar

Research Interests:  Natural Dyes and Mordants, Fibre Modification, Dyeing of Textiles, Printing of Textiles, Mass Production and Extraction of Microbial Colourants, Manufacturing of Enzymes for Textile Processing, Medical Textiles, Colour Fastness of Textile Materials, Detergency of Textiles, Ionic Liquids for Regenerated Fibres etc.


Dr. Usha Sayed                                       

Research Interests: Recycle + Reuse; Dyeing, printing, finishing of textiles; Technical textiles

Student Intake: Two


 Department Of Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactants Technology:

Dr.  A.P. Pratap                                       

Research Interests: Tribo applications of oils and fats, structural modifications of oils, fats and fatty acids, Petroleum products, lubricants, Additives and specialty products, microbial Bio surfactants etc.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology:

Prof. P.D. Amin

Research Interests: Innovative solid dosage forms, topicals for personal care

Student Intake: Three


Prof.  V.B. Patravale                             

Research Interests: Lipid and polymer based nano-therapeutics, Nano-suspensions, Targeted drug delivery systems, Novel carriers and techniques for solubilization, Green technologies for nanoparticle generation, Exploitation of indigenous excipients for novel applications, Fabrication of equipments for micro/nano-capsules for scale-up, Medical devices, cosmeceuticals, 3D constructs, diagnostics and vaccines.

Student Intake: Three


Prof. K. G. Akamanchi                          

Research Interests: Synthesis and evaluation of heterolipids; catalyst preparation and application; (One who is interested in preparation of nano-catalysts will be preferred)

Student Intake: One


Prof. Sadhana Sathaye                        

Research Interests: Diabetes Mellitus & complications; Neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s; Enzyme assays; Epilepsy

Student Intake: 2 ( SYBTECH)


Prof. M. S. Degani

Project Details:

1) Fluorine separation from water to make it potable (4 SYBTech Pharma students have been already selected for this project by Ma’am. Those students are requested to fill the form so that they will be enrolled in BTUGRP II)

2) Plant constituents as anti-oxidants ( Intake: Two TY Pharma undergraduates)

3) CADD based analysis of physiochemical properties ( Intake: Two TY BTECH Pharma undergraduates)

  Department of Food Engineering and Technology:


Prof. U. S. Annapure                            

Research Interests: Extrusion Processing

Student Intake: One ( Student must come up with his/her own research idea)

 Department of Polymer and Surface Engineering:

Dr.  S.T. Mhaske                                     

Research Interests:  Novel approached synthesis of Nano particles, Polymer melt Rheology, Cellulose based Polymer Nanocomposites, Bio Nanocomposites, Photosynthesis of nano particles, Devlopment of Thermoplastics vulcanizates and elastomer, Reprocessing and recovery of polymers, Synthesis of pigments using core shell and Sol gel techniques, synthesis of resins from renewable resources, Synthesis and Characterization of Resins, Water Borne Coatings, Insulating Varnishes, conductive coatings, anticorrosive coatings, Polymer Processing and Coloration and Colour Matching.

Student Intake: 4