Biomaterials for corneal repair and regeneration

Anvay Patil, Khyati Gohil


Cornea is one of the most vital entities with the major task of bolstering the refractive power of the eye. However it is highly prone to damage and wounds because of various physiological and operative reasons. Thus attempts have been made to accelerate the healing process of the wounded cornea. In this review paper, various mechanisms and systems have been put forth that shed some light on corneal regeneration and tissue engineering. Scaling from the conventional methods of transplantation to the biomimetic activity of various scaffolds (hydrogels, films etc.), alternative techniques have been discussed to counter the problems encountered during keratoprostheses and keratoplasty. With the introduction of biomaterials to corneal healing, tissue engineering has reached its next level of sustainability and efficiency. The combination of cells and biomaterials shows a promising future with regards to the potential for treating damaged corneas. 


corneal regeneration; tissue engineering; biomimetic; scaffolds; keratoprostheses; biomaterials.

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