Piezo- Future’s power pack

Aakanksha Mishraa


The increasing worldwide energy crunch is forcing us to shift our focus from the scanty natural wealth to much cleaner, cheap and reliable source of energy. The Piezo proves to be a solution. 'Piezo' means pressure. Certain substance like Quartz, Tourmaline, Zinc oxide etc.., when subjected to a mechanical pressure, generates an alternating voltage which can be directly brought under use to charge various electrical appliances. This is a fun way of charge production where in the regular body motion is harnessed for generating electricity. This paper will leave one in a complete awe and wonder. Have you ever wondered the dance moves which you show in clubs, the tedious workouts done in gym, the rush on the train stations, vehicles passing by the road, the messages that we type on phone; all could be harnessed into electricity? This paper gives a detailed application of the piezoelectric phenomena in physical, industrial and biological world, elaborating devices like ‘Push to charge cell phones’ to use of nano ribbon Piezo implants in the human body. Piezo has a great scope but it is still unrevealed. This paper is an attempt to bring Piezo in the picture as a hope for future’s eco-friendly economic source of energy. Piezo can prove to be a revolution in this energy era!


Piezoelectricity;Nano ribbon implant; piezoelectric transducer; MEMS (Micro electromechanical systems); PZT (Piezoelectric transducer)

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